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  37 Years in Business!  Roy Brizio once again celebrates by throwing his ANNUAL SHOP PARTY AND OPEN HOUSE. Check out the 29th Annual ROY BRIZIO STREET RODS 2014 Open House photos.

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  On October 18th to the 20th the California Hot Rod Reunion was held at Famoso Raceway in Bakerfield, CA. Street Rodder magazine put together a tour working their way to the reunion. One of their stops was at Brizio Street Rods. The guests were treated to lunch and the run of the shop. Roy greeted them...

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  Bruce Canepa's 1933 Ford Pheaton

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  Bob Larance's 1932 Ford Hiboy

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  John Mumford's  1963 1/2 Ford Galaxie

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  Nigel & Jaki Carroll's 1932 Ford Hiboy

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  John Scully's 1933 Lincoln Sedan

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  Scott Gillen's 1932 Ford Hiboy

Scott has a creative mind, whether he’s designing cars or houses. His ’32 three window is a work of art and his ‘50 shoebox has a number of subtle changes that have to be studied before you can see them. For a change, this one will be straight forward, a drive everyday work horse...

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  Mark Stitzer's 1932 Ford 5-Window

Mark is a car guy. He has been collecting cars (340 of them) for at least 15 years. Mark is a real fan of GM cars. His collection includes Tri-Five Chevys, Nomads, a couple of Yenko cars and the first car he ever owned...

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  Eric Clapton's 1932 Ford 3 Window

Eric has turned into quite a hot rodder. His latest project is a 1932 Ford 3-window. A Heidt’s independent front and rear will allow for a smooth ride...

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  George Ayala's 1932 Ford 3-Window

George had always been interested in building his own '32 Coupe. Once Brookville came out with a 3-window steel body he decided it was time to get the project rolling. He took delivery of the chassis and body, then his good friend Guy Ruchonnet chopped the top 3.5" and filled the roof...

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  John Mumford's 1932 Ford 3-Window

John likes to put a theme to a lot of the cars he has built. You may remember the ’32 coupe he did with a Chevy Impala look, complete with a 409 big block, Impala hub caps and an interior that looks like it was pulled from a ’63 Chev...

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  Dave and Peg Farmer's 1934 Ford Vicky

David and Peg had a dream of owning a 33 or 34 Ford Vicky. In 1987, they set out on a trip to locate one. Their mission had them traveling thru seven states and a lot of disappointment. However, they never lost that dream...

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  Nigel and Jaki Carroll's 1932 Hi Boy

Longtime friend and personal assistant to Eric Clapton, Nigel Carroll has overseen the construction of seven of Eric’s Hot Rods built by us during the past 15 years. He is a frequent visitor to the shop, but he never dreamt he would end up owning a Brizio built ’32 Hi Boy... 

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  Eric Clapton's 1933-34 FORD PICKUP

Eric was watching an old movie called Thunderbolt and Lightfoot. It stared Clint Eastwood and Jeff Bridges, 
among others. There is a scene where the two stars are riding in the back of an old Ford...

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 Scott Gillen's 1950 Ford Coupe

Scott started building a mildly chopped 50 Ford Coupe. Part way thru the project, Scott asked us to take 
over. The Vanilla Shake colored Coupe is taking shape. Keep your eyes open in Southern California when it’s 
finished, Scott loves to drive them...

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  The 27th Annual West Coast Nationals were held in Pleasanton CA over the last weekend in August. During the week of the event, The GOODGUYS puts on tours to various shops around the Bay Area. This year they stopped by Brizio’s...

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  You heard it right! The “Team Brizio” built 27 Track Nosed Roadster for John Mumford was crowned “AMERICAS MOST BEAUTIFUL ROADSTER” for 2013...

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  At the 2013 CALIFORNIA HOT ROD REUNION, Roy was presented with the NHRA’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Roy has been dedicated to the sport of hot Rodding almost all his life, where he started out working at his dad’s speed shop as a teen. At twenty he opened Roy Brizio Street Rods where he and his crew have turned out hundreds of hot rods over the last thirty five years...

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  Chuck Thornton's  1937 Cord

Chuck is a super customer of ours. We built him a couple of 34 Fords a few years back. Both cars had the best of everything including four wheel independent suspensions. On this project, Chuck has raised the bar. This time it’s a 1937 Cord. Not just any Cord, but one that will rival almost any new car off the show room floor...

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  John Mumford's 1963½ Ford Galaxie

John found an original 1963 ½ factory light weight Ford Galaxie drag car. In their day, these cars ran in the 12’s right from the factory. Equipped with a 427 cubic inch engine, coupled with fiberglass front fenders, deck lid and hood, it’s no wonder these cars flew...

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  Dave and Peggy Farmer's 1932 Coupe

Dave and Peggy were looking to build a street rod. While walking the pits in Bakersfield at the NHRA Hot Rod Reunion, they came across a United Pacific Industries 5 Window body on display. Dave recalled seeing the same body used on a project we did for Vic Edelbrock...

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  United Pacific is celebrating their 20th year in business by having a ’32 coupe built with their new steel body. The build will be powered by a Ford 302 topped with Edelbrock induction and a 700R4 transmission. Other accessories will include a Vintage Air Front Runner accessory drive system...

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  Larry Carter's 1932  2 Door Sedan

Larry brought us a really sano ’32 2 Door. He asked us to beef it up a little and make it more road worthy. We boxed the front frame rails, installed a dropped axle and disc brakes. The rear was set up with a Currie 9 inch rear end...

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  Paul Bonderson's 35 Ford Phaeton

If you have been checking in on our web-site, a name you may come across a couple of times is Paul Bonderson. Paul is one of our favorite customers. The variety of years, colors and power plant choices always amazes us...

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  Austin Beutner's 50 Chevrolet PickUp

Austin thinks variety is the spice of life. He is having us build him a 50 Chevy pickup to keep his 32 Roadster and 67 Camaro company. Austin saw the 49 Chevy pickup we did for Eric Clapton and he fell in love with it...

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  Fred and Scott Hawley's 55 Chevy

  Jim Moore's 32 Ford Hi-Boy

  Joe Casanova's 32 Ford Hi-Boy

  Chet Thomas'  32 Ford Hi-Boy

  Bob McDonald's 1940 Ford Pick-Up

  Jim Vickery's 1946 Ford Woodie

  John Mumford's 1932 Ford Roadster

  John Mumford's 1932 Ford 3-Window

  John Mumford's 35 Ford Woodie

  Tom Gloy's 32 Ford Roadster

  Mark and Dennis Mariani Jr-32 Ford  Sedan Hiboy

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  Check out all the latest cars in progress. Photos and more:

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