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  Saturday, May 10th, Brizio's celebrates our 37th Anniversary with another SHOP PARTY and OPEN HOUSE. You're invited! Check it out!





  At the 2013 CALIFORNIA HOT ROD REUNION, Roy was presented with the NHRA’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Roy has been dedicated to the sport of hot Rodding almost all his life, where he started out working at his dad’s speed shop as a teen. At twenty he opened Roy Brizio Street Rods where he and his crew have turned out hundreds of hot rods over the last thirty five years...

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  The 27th Annual West Coast Nationals were held in Pleasanton CA over the last weekend in August. During the week of the event, The GOODGUYS puts on tours to various shops around the Bay Area. This year they stopped by Brizio’s...

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John Scully's 1932 Lincoln Touring Car

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Tony Jurado's 1932 Ford Roadster

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  Cliff Hanson's 1932 Ford 5 Window Coupe

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  Steve Luzco's Ford Three Window Coupe

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  Richard Munz's 1940 Ford Woodie

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  Jay Feero's 1932 Ford 3-Window

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  John Mozart's  1957 Chevrolet 

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  John Mumford's 1950 Ford

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  Ted Stevens'  1940 Ford Woodie

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  Mike Corazzelli's  1932 Ford Roadster

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  Damien Farias' 1956 Chevy

Damien lives on the beautiful island of Maui in Hawaii. He has long craved having a nice running and looking 56 Chevy. Well, he found it on-line in Florida and made the purchase...

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  John Scully's 1933 Lincoln Sedan

We recently finished John’s 32 Lincoln, Aston Martin powered open car. For those of you that are familiar with San Francisco and its weather, open cars are not always the best choice for cruising. So John’s next project is a 1933 Lincoln Four Door Sedan. This one is a little more conventional...

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  Paul Camuzi's 1932 Ford Roadster

Paul bought this 32 a couple of years back after his sports car buddies told him “you need a hot rod.” What says hot rod better than a 32 Ford fender less roadster. When Paul saw this car he thought...

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  Scott Gillen's 1932 3 Window Coupe

Scott had been looking for a hot rod for some time. His dream came true when he found a 32 Coupe that caught his eye because of all the gennie vintage pieces. After a few hours of negotiations...

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  John Scully's 32 Lincoln

John is a resident of San Francisco, which is close to Brizio Street Rods. John wants a car he can put a couple of his buddies in and go for a ride. The 32 Lincoln is big enough, you could fit a whole little league baseball team in and go for that ride...

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  Danny Sullivan's 1957 Chevy

In September of 1967, Dan bought his first car while in high school, a ten year old ’57 Chevy. Like any high school boy with a cool car, there are a lot of stories, none which can be printed. In 1977, Dan put the car in storage after joining the San Francisco Fire Department. After retirement..

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  Cliff Hanson's 1932 Ford Coupe

Cliff has a couple of Brizio built hot rods. One is a 33 Hi-Boy, yellow in color with flames and a Blown Chrysler. The other is the 1987 America’s Most Beautiful Street Rod Ferrari powered roadster. His next project is going to be a 32 5-window coupe. The body is chopped 3.5 inches and will be channeled slightly over the Brizio chassis...

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  Mike Corazzelli, 1932 Ford Roadster

Michael has been passionate about street rods his entire life. His lifelong dream has been to own a traditional styled 1932 Hi-Boy Roadster. Michael wanted not only a great looking roadster, but one that is built with the highest quality and dependability...

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  Tony Jurado's 1932 Ford Roadster

After owning several 1932 Fords and wanting a Brizio built roadster, Tony finally pulled the trigger. Tony is no stranger to hot rods and race cars. He can be found on weekends running his 200 M.P.H. door car at Sacramento and Sonoma drag strips...

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  You heard it right! The “Team Brizio” built 27 Track Nosed Roadster for John Mumford was crowned “AMERICAS MOST BEAUTIFUL ROADSTER” for 2013...

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  On October 18th to the 20th the California Hot Rod Reunion was held at Famoso Raceway in Bakerfield, CA. Street Rodder magazine put together a tour working their way to the reunion. One of their stops was at Brizio Street Rods. The guests were treated to lunch and the run of the shop. Roy greeted them...

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  36 Years in Business! Mark your calendars! Roy Brizio once again celebrates by throwing his ANNUAL SHOP PARTY AND OPEN HOUSE. Check out the 28th Annual ROY BRIZIO STREET RODS 2013 Open House photos.

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  Edelbrock Corporation is celebrating their 75th year in business. Vic wants a new Hot Rod to represent this accomplishment. A 1932 Ford 5-Window was chosen to do just that. The coupe will be powered by one of their “total power package” 302 cubic inch Ford motors...

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Jim Lindsey's 1932 Ford Panel

Jim has always liked 32 Fords, especially commercial vehicles. His collection includes a Double B Stake Bed Truck. Another special hot rod to Jim is a 1932 Ford 5-Window that he bought when he was 17 years old, and still has. Sometimes it’s funny how things come together...

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  Patrick Liebel's 1957 Chevrolet

Patrick is a car guy from the great Northwest. A few years ago we built Pat a bitchin 32 Roadster. This time it’s a later model closed car. This will give him the option to drive the Roadster on the nice days and the closed car on the not as nice days...

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  Greg Weld's 1933 Ford Cabriolet 

Greg looked up Roy at the L.A. Roadster show last year. Greg was interested in building a 33 Cabo that he could drive the heck out of. The project is centered on an American Speed Cabriolet body. Because the rod is going to be a Hi-boy...

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  Paul Bonderson's 35 Ford Phaeton

If you have been checking in on our web-site, a name you may come across a couple of times is Paul Bonderson. Paul is one of our favorite customers. The variety of years, colors and power plant choices always amazes us...

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  Austin Beutner's 50 Chevrolet PickUp

Austin thinks variety is the spice of life. He is having us build him a 50 Chevy pickup to keep his 32 Roadster and 67 Camaro company. Austin saw the 49 Chevy pickup we did for Eric Clapton and he fell in love with it...

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  Fred and Scott Hawley's 55 Chevy

  Jim Moore's 32 Ford Hi-Boy

  Joe Casanova's 32 Ford Hi-Boy

  Chet Thomas'  32 Ford Hi-Boy

  Bob McDonald's 1940 Ford Pick-Up

  Jim Vickery's 1946 Ford Woodie

  John Mumford's 1932 Ford Roadster

  John Mumford's 1932 Ford 3-Window

  John Mumford's 35 Ford Woodie

  Tom Gloy's 32 Ford Roadster

  Mark and Dennis Mariani Jr-32 Ford  Sedan Hiboy

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  John Mumford's 1932 CGC Class Couple Running at Boneville.

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  Recently Roy Brizio Street Rods was featured on THE LEARNING CHANNEL.

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  Tom Gloy's 1932 Roadster

  Mark and Dennis Jr. Mariani's 32 Ford 2-Door Sedan Hiboy

  John Mumford-33 Three Window Coupe

  James Holmes' 1933 Ford Coupe

  Fred and Scott Hawley's 56 Chevy

  Dennis Varni's 1939 Merc 2 Door Sedan

  Bart Rinker's 1949 Buick

  Paul Bonderson's 1935 Ford Panel

  Eric Clapton's 1949 Chevy Truck

  Jorge Zarogoza's 32 Ford 3-Window Coupe

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  Check out all the latest cars in progress. Photos and more:

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